Parish Weekly Bulletin: 2nd Sunday of Advent – 10 December 2017

We remember those who have died recently including Matt Cunningham and those whose anniversaries occur about this time including Mary Hosking, Margaret Downs & Cynthia Scott  Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord, let your perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace.   

We pray for those who are sick including David Gudgeon, Angel Tan, Calvin Furnell, Richard Pereira, Val Battams Tom Cervasio, Marie Stephen We pray for all who care for the sick and worry about them. May their works of service be richly blessed.  (Names can only be placed on this list by the sick person or a family member)


This weekend we welcome Chan Ngeu, Siluna & Rivina Balasooriya for Baptism. “Receive the light of Christ. Parents and Godparents this light is entrusted to you to keep burning brightly” (Rite of Baptism). The next Baptism Preparation session is January 7th, 2018  at  2.45pm                                                                                                       

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The future cannot be ‘business as usual’ says Francis Sullivan, director of the church’s Truth, Justice and Healing Council, set up to guide the Catholic Church’s response to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Sexual Abuse. Sullivan spoke at a plenary session of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference meeting in Sydney last week.

He writes that it was “little surprise that the main topic was the forthcoming release of the Royal Commission’s final report. Rumour has it that the report will be many volumes long and some will exclusively deal with the Catholic Church. Again, no surprises there.

Our Council was charged to operate for the ‘life of the Royal Commission’. That time is rapidly running out. As part of our advisory role we will provide the church leadership with our own take on what these last five years have revealed and what the implications for the Church are contained within the Commission’s findings and recommendations.

Even before the report is released the bishops and religious leaders must commit to a future that is not characterised by a ‘business as usual’ mentality. They cannot fall prey to those reactionary interests within and without the Church who jump at any shadow and too quickly cast any public criticism of the Church as yet another shot across the bow of religious freedom.

It is all too convenient for those seeking to defend the institution to play out soundly based criticisms in political and sectarian terms. The Church leadership must be strong about this. They cannot yet again seek to bolster the image and reputation of the Church by ‘circling the wagons’ and being selective about what they will or won’t implement of the Commission’s findings.

The damaged credibility of the Church because of the abuse scandal affects all Catholics. Some have remained resolutely loyal and passionately observant. Others have wavered and wondered about what the scandal means and how the Church will ever recover. Others have drifted away, silently, with regret, even sadness. Still others live in hope that this scandal will enliven the Spirit within the Church to engender reforms and transformation akin to the times of the Second Vatican Council.

This is far from an extreme position. Put bluntly, the Church has been revealed for all its hypocrisy and self-interest. It has let down not only those abused within its ranks but it has scandalised the faithful and those who rely on it as a moral compass and prudent guide. It has brought itself to a point where serious discernment and spiritual renewal are essential. Episcopal authority must lead this.

For those invested in the forthcoming 2020 Plenary Council and synodal processes only genuine renewal, even rebirth, can be the goal. Let’s hope that the bishops come out of their Sydney meetings setting a course that will deeply resonate with all of us who still hold out hope that being Church in this post-modern time is not only a relevant option but also enlivening one. 


Calling all men in the parish for prayer, reflection, songs, praise, fellowship, and breakfast! Please come and join us and be with men wanting to bring about a difference in their own life, their family, and the lives of the wider community. Cost: $5 pp.  When: 16th December (Saturday) 8 – 10 am, Where: Parish Hall. For more information and RSVP by 14th December, contact Dominic (0425 742 254) or Patrick (0427 682 20


Following on from the recent Men Alive weekend, a group of dads has started to get together in the Parish Centre on Saturday mornings @ 8am for an hour of prayer,  reflection, praise, and fellowship together. Why not consider joining them as a way to prepare for Advent? Simply turn up on Saturday @ 8am or contact Patrick (0427 682 208) for more information. 


The Sunday morning masses on Christmas Eve, would usually be at both 9:00am and 10:30am. However, with the Christmas Masses this year starting at 6:00pm Sunday evening, the thought was we’d combine the two Sunday morning masses into one, to be celebrated at 9:30am, the same time as Christmas morning mass. The weekend Masses therefore will be: Saturday vigil mass at 6:00pm and Sunday morning Mass at 9:30am.


The Masses to celebrate Christmas will be on Christmas Eve at 6:00pm, 8:00pm and Midnight; and on Christmas Day at 9:30am


Christmas time is fast approaching, and we are preparing for our Christmas hampers If you would prefer to give a cash donation, there will be envelopes on the table or under the tree and you can place your donation in the poor box on the Sacristy wall.  Thank you for your ongoing Support.


This book focuses on daily prayers and meditations, developed by the Irish Jesuits. It can now be ordered through the Gift Shop or Parish Office $26.00. Also the Daily Prayer 2018, which focus on scripture for each day of the year, along with a psalm, a reflection and closing prayer .$27.00


YTU is a  welcoming community for theological education offering undergraduate and postgraduate awards. NEW Students are welcome. Morning classes and/or Evening classes are offered. 98 Albion Road, Box Hill, 3128. Ring Nicole or Katherine to make an appointment 9890 3771. Fee help is available, free parking, Classes start 26th February 2018. for more information.


Children need to have a voice when it comes to child safety and this is often overlooked. They need to feel empowered and have a platform to speak out confidently if something is not right or does not feel right. (Australian Catholics May 2017)


The New Rosters for the Eucharistic Ministers and Readers are due on the 17th of Dec, If you would like to volunteer for any of the ministries or if there is any change to your existing availability, please send Siji an email @ or to the parish office by the 5th of Dec. Thank you for your time.

Advent season Volunteers: While thanking all our volunteers who contribute in various ways, we are looking for a lot of helpers in various areas for the month of December . If you have the time and or the talent and would be glad to share it, please contact Siji at the parish office or at