Initiation into the Church

The Parish welcomes people who are searching for faith and meaning.

Please contact 5941 7315 at parish centre, if you wish to join an inquiry group to further your search.

Religious Instruction

Religious Instruction is part of the daily curriculum at St. Patrick’s Primary School and St. Clare’s Primary School.

Children attending other schools will receive instruction when preparing for sacraments. Contact Siji Dominic 5941 7315.

Liturgy Group 

The Parish Liturgy Team meets regularly to co-ordinate and promote the Liturgical life of the Parish. All parishioner who contribute to the liturgical life of the parish are welcome to attend.

Prayer Groups

Rosary Statue:
Families are welcome to join the roster to have the statue in their home for a week. Contact Parish Office at 5941 7315

Mary’s Intercessory Group:
Saturday’s 9.30-10.00am Mass. 10.00-10.30am Adoration, reconciliation and Rosary. Contact Rochelle Pereira 0401 017 752.

Children’s Liturgy

During 9.00am Mass children are invited to join the liturgy group during the sermon and return for offertory procession.

Volunteers needed to help. Please Contact 5941 7315.

Paddy’s Kitchen