St Patricks Sewing Group

Who are we?

We are a sewing group that welcomes women of many cultures to come together to make, mend and create whilst enjoying each other’s company.

When do we meet?

We meet on Thursdays from 10am till 2pm.

Where do we meet?

We meet in the Library Room of St Patrick’s Catholic Church Pakenham

Why do we meet?

  1. Because language is a major impediment for many of the women in our community
  2. To learn a useful skill, or to relearn our skills
  3. To meet with other women, providing valuable time to share and care for each other
  4. To share information,
  5. To support each other, to gain confidence, to reduce isolation and prevent sadness and depression
  6. To talk about our future aims and our plans for our children’s future
  7. To ask questions about employment, study and school and childcare
  8. To discuss any Centrelink or Public Housing issues
  9. To help each other in times of sickness and ill health

We believe that the friendly and non-threatening environment of the Women’s Sewing Group will enable our members to be more confident in the community, which will assist their integration into the local community.

We hope to showcase our skills and engage with the wider community at public events in the hope that such participation will enable the wider community to learn about the lives, culture and aspirations of some of the minority communities in their midst.

The women are currently working on a variety of projects such as stitching dresses, skirts, and tops for themselves, their kids, and family members. They are also learning the art of Patchwork.  They also make handbags, curtains and home decorations.

Contact  Cheryl on 0417 124 881