Message from Fr. Janeesh Jose

Dear Parishioners

There is an old saying that says “May you always live in Challenging Times”.  It is either seen as a blessing or a curse.  A blessing for all the opportunities it opens or a curse because of all the difficulties presented.  We are certainly living in challenging times.  What does the future hold for us and for our families?  Opportunities or difficulties, depending on our view of life.  Certainty, challenging times forces us to focus on preserving the important things in our lives.

However, as Easter People, we have a great advantage.  We have a loving God who will walk with us every step of our journey.

During this difficult time let God’s might uphold us, His wisdom guide us and His word speak to us.  Perhaps this time of silence will help us to hear God’s words more clearly.

As per the current regulations, we have closed our church and parish office till further notice. For emergency and sick calls please contact Presbytery: 5941 3874
Sunday Mass will continue to be live-streamed through this website. Please continue to visit our website for regular updates.

May our loving God, who is always with us on our journey, hold you safe in the palm of his loving hands.

Fr Janeesh Jose
Parish Priest