A Lenten retreat programme in our parish

As a part of our preparation for Lent we will have a one-day retreat with Fr Elio Capra on Saturday 28th March from 10:30 am to 4:45 pm followed by the 6:00 pm mass. He will speak to us on A NEW LOOK AT THE

MEANING OF LENT AND EASTER. Pope Francis and the early Church remind that it is not just a time of “giving up”. It is a time of “rediscovering our first love”: Jesus Christ. All Parishioners are encouraged to come and attend. Gold coin donation appreciated.

Paddy’s Kitchen

PNext meal and companionship is February 2nd   Doors open 5:30 pm  for a 6:00 pm meal  Please feel welcome to come and enjoy a 2- course hot meal if you are struggling or finding it hard to make ends meet, or maybe just in need of some company.  If you are able to make a dessert for this Sunday’s dinner contact the  parish office 59417315

PADDY’S KITCHEN VOLUNTEERS: Please Note there will be a meeting on Thursday 6th February at 7pm in the parish library to discuss/organise our meals and services.  Everyone welcome. 


Our first outing for 2020 is on February 5th at Drake Tavern, 153 Main Street, Pakenham (near the station). We had a great turn up in December it was great to catch up with everyone If you are new to the parish, you Are welcome to come and meet some of the parishioners. Contact Kathy 0418679616.



Mr Mick O’Brien will be retiring as the principal of St Pats School after 15 long fruitful and enjoyable years. His contribution to the development of the school is immeasurable; for the first six or more years he headed refurbishment after refurbishment and renovation of the school. He had the major role in the building of St Brigid and St Clare. As a thank you for his commitment towards the development of the school and his ongoing commitment to the parish, St Patrick’s Parish will be acknowledging him with gratitude on Sunday 8th Dec 10:00 am after mass. Mick will continue to be one of our most loved parishioners and his booming voice will continue to be heard at the weekend services. Bring a plate to share.