Synod- Communion- Group

Listening and Discernment Session I


By His gracious will, God gathers us together as diverse peoples of one faith, through the covenant that He offers to His people. The communion we share finds its deepest roots in the love and unity of the Trinity. It is Christ who reconciles us to the Father and unites us with each other in the Holy Spirit. Together, we are inspired by listening to the Word of God, through the living Tradition of the Church, and grounded in the sensus fidei [sense of faith] that we share. We all have a role to play in discerning and living out God’s call for his people.

The four areas covered within this theme are

* Companions on the journey
* Listening
* Speaking Out
* Celebration

At the beginning of this session, you are invited to pray together. You might like to read Scripture, use the words written below or just speak to God from your heart.

Read and reflect on the following questions in silence. Choose one or more questions that speak to you the most. Please ensure that you record your group response for each question. Now reflect on your personal experience of faith, life and the Church related to these questions. Write a list of all the responses to these questions that come to mind. Share aloud all of the responses you have written down, working together through Step 3

At the end of the Spiritual Conversation, you are invited to pray together. You might like to say a prayer of gratitude in your own words.
Or use this prayer