FAQ’s regarding Church Renovation Project Sponsorship

Who can sponsor ?

Anyone can sponsor.  You can sponsor in your name or your family name.  For example “Pray for Andy and Sue Bloggs”  or “Pray for the Bloggs Family”

How can I sponsor?

Please use the bank details in the brochure to sponsor or  Use the QR Code on the brochure and choose the type of sponsorship you wish to give the amount now or make a regular deduction.

Can I sponsor by giving a monthly amount?

Yes, for example, you can arrange a direct debit of $25 a month for 10 months to Sponsor a Brick.  (Less than the price of a coffee each week!!!) or $150 per month for 10 months will Sponsor a Church Pew with your name on the plaque. Or You can use the “Golf” card provided to record your cash contributions each week or month.

If I already use a direct debit for my planned giving, can I add the sponsorship to the monthly debit?

Absolutely.  Just call the Parish office and arrange.

Can I sponsor more than one item.

Yes. You can sponsor as many items as you like.  For example, sponsoring two Bricks and one Church Pew would cost as little as $200 per month.

Will I get a tax receipt?

No. Donations are not tax-deductible but you will receive a receipt from the parish.

How will my sponsorship be acknowledged?

Your sponsorship of Church Pews, Stations of the Cross and other Sacred items will be recognised by a small brass plaque fixed to the item.  The sponsorship of Bricks will be recorded and inserted (with a list of all sponsors) in a capsule embedded in the Blue Stone Altar.  Finally, a list of all sponsors will be appended to the ceremonical brochure accompanying the opening of the renovated Church.

Can I offer a big donation other than the items advertised in the fundraising brochure

Of course, large donations can be made on behalf of yourself or your prayer community.  Please talk to the Priests or any member of the Fundraising Committee for more details.

IF you have any other quires, please contact the parish office at 5941 7315 or email: fundraising@stpatrickspakenham.com.au Visit our parish Website for more details: www.stpatrickspakenham.com.au