Coping with Corona

What Our Parishioners Had to Say

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Not the life I had expected in my first months of retirement! I was set to travel! Hopefully things will be better later in the year. I’ve found the time very lonely as my kids are all interstate. Streaming of mass by Fr Janeesh and his team has been highly successful. Well done.


Lyn and I are coping with the social isolation quite well. Talking with family and friends by phone or internet. ‘Zoom’ for meetings has become accepted very quickly.

I must confess that God seems to be more present in my life when I am at my weakest rather than when I am strong!  He seems to find His way into the Bits and Pieces of my life at these challenging times.

God Bless and keep safe


Parish Team During Holy Week

The sudden need to live stream mass and inability to get the community involved, got the Parish team to step into action. 

Al Jane Estrada

Covid 19 has a big impact on everyone. We are limited with our activities. We can only go out for basic needs.
But in exchange families get to spend more time with each other.
Its good to hear mass and see fr Janeesh online.

But each time I leave for work, I fear for the unknown, because i’m a frontliner.
So please ” stay home so we can go back to our families.”

Menaka Mendis

We really miss the church, especially during the Easter time and so we thought to give our home a bit of the Easter feeling.

Janice Dias

It’s been an amazing time to get in touch with our faith, I have been spending time reading the Bible. I also enjoy the virtual masses very accessible. Thanks Siji and team for putting this all together and keeping our community connected !

Liz & Ian Merrigan

Ian & I have been coping quite well but looking forward to getting out with family & friends, going to the movies or restaurant or a footy game! I’ve been walking my dog, baking, gardening & watching a few shows on TV. Ian has been doing some farm chores & a bit of landscaping & reading.
Keeping busy – which is good- stops us thinking too much about all the things that we can’t do. How the world has changed (for now) – makes you appreciate all the little things in life.
Stay safe & well everyone. God bless. 

Alfreda Conteh-vanday

During this coronavirus pandemic. It has been a bit hectic. I have 3 kids. I am a mum, teacher and nurse at the same time. I help the kids with the home remote learning from Monday to Friday. Because of my kids, I have cut down my shift at work only work 3 days in the week now. This break has made me and my family to come more closer to God.

Denise Cervasio

Hi everyone! I have been using this time as an opportunity “allowed” by God in order to come closer to Him in the “silence and stillness” within our own hearts, spending time with our God in contemplative prayer, reflecting on our lives, spiritual reading and study via YouTube (talks by various Priests,Bishops,) and music. God has balanced this (for me) with lots of work, gardening and lawns maintenance on my 4 acres. Sometimes I struggle because I miss everyone in personal “presence”. Some people are NOT able to use Zoom or others means of facial contact …
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Fr. Janeesh! Love from Denise to ALL

Fr Janeesh Jose

We often say this: ‘Unexpected things happen in life”. COVID-19 is something unexpected in our times. We have never experienced this sort of restrictions in our life or being self isolated because of pandemic. Because of the lockdown of our church, I terribly miss my parish community. I miss greeting everyone before the mass on Sundays. However, I have great faith and hope that sooner we shall meet again as a community at St. Pats. Hope everyone is safe and sound. God bless!

Bernadette Barker

We are of the generation that grew up doing what we were told when we were told and not to answer questions hence we can follow the government instructions . Doesn’t mean we like it. But understand it is for the good of the whole community.
We are of a generation that had little to no money so with the stimulus package are doing ok given we own our own house and car and know the difference between want and need.
As for Tony and myself living in our retirement village set on 60 acres we are able to take a walk on a good day say hi to all the other residents doing the same thing. Keeping social distancing.
Yes all our organised social activities have been cancelled.
My personal way of looking at the situation it is what it is and try and see the positives we could be in America or worse God forbid
A friend here says any day we get out of bed open our eyes is a good day

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