We remember those who have died recently including Brian Hogan, Roy Luiz, Ray Nestor  and those whose anniversaries occur about this time including Eric Hanegraaf, Clare Vandenberg.    

We pray for those who are sick including, John Seet, Max Byers, John Ramsdale,  David Lively, Milan Sunil, Clyde Dias, Michael Bakker  Philomena Molloy, David Gudgeon and Lyn Hardidge.


This weekend we welcome Shayna &  Shaun Fernando and their parents Thirg and Nalika  Next Baptism Prep is  January 5th, 2020  at    2:45 pm


From the whole community who gathered for the Christmas celebrations, many thanks to all who worked so hard to make the liturgy and the church ready for the people to celebrate Christmas:  lectors and Communion ministers, the sacristans, the crib and advent wreath designers and builders, the florists, the altar servers, the singers and musicians, the technology people, John for connecting the church to the hall by TV and those who help set up the hall. Thanks to all.


31st Dec: 7:00 pm Mass

1st Jan: 10:00 am



Deacon Stanly Devasia will be ordained to the priesthood on January 4th, 2020 at Sacred Heart Church, Mampoli, Kerala, India for the Diocese of Sale, by Archbishop George Njaralakatt of the Archdiocese of Tellicherry. Bishop Pat and several priests from our Diocese and the Melbourne church will be joining in the celebration. We are all asked to keep Fr-to-be Stanly in our prayers. His appointment will be to the Cranbourne parish when he returns to the Diocese in February.

Clergy Appointments:  

Bishop Pat has made the following appointments of clergy in the Diocese, from January 15th:  

Fr Janeesh Puthenpurackal CMI from PP of Yarram and Foster parishes to Pakenham parish as Parish Priest.                                                                                      Fr Antony Rebelo IVD from Assistant Priest at Cranbourne to Parish Priest of Yarram and Foster.    

Fr Jayakody Francis to be Assistant Priest at Cranbourne Parish.                            

Fr Bernard Buckley will continue on Sick leave                                                                                                           

From February 25th:       
Fr Stanly Devasia to be Assistant Priest at Cranbourne parish 

Fr Jayakody Francis to be Assistant Priest in the East Gippsland Mission, at Bairnsdale, Lakes Entrance and Orbost parishes.


Has now been updated on our website.  for more information please visit Please visit

Next meal and companionship is January 5th, 2020     Doors open 5:30 pm  for a 6:00 pm meal  Please feel welcome to come and enjoy a 2- course hot meal if you are struggling in this cold weather or finding it hard to make ends meet, or maybe just in need of some company.  Team Leader is Mick


Human beings have a “binding” moral obligation to save those whose lives are threatened, including the lives of migrants and refugees, Pope Francis said yesterday. Source: Crux.

“We must rescue and save because we are all responsible for the lives of our neighbour and the Lord will ask us to account for them at the moment of judgment,” the Pope said as he met 33 migrants and refugees brought to Rome two weeks earlier by Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, the papal almoner.

The group, which included 14 children and teens, arrived in Rome from the Greek island of Lesbos on December 4. Most were from Afghanistan, but there also was a woman from Togo and a young mother and her three-month-old baby from Cameroon. The group included both Christians and Muslims.

Pope Francis blessed a large resin cross constructed around a used orange life vest. The life vest, which the Pope had hung in an alcove by the guest elevators in the Apostolic Palace, was picked up by a migrant rescue organisation in the central Mediterranean Sea on July 3. A small plaque below the cross gives the date along with the GPS coordinates of where it was recovered.

Francis said he wanted the jacket to be part of a cross because the cross symbolises both suffering and redemption through the triumph of Jesus. “The unknown migrant, who died hoping for a new life, participates in this victory,” the Pope said.

Several years ago, Francis was given another orange life vest. He said he gave it to the Migrants and Refugees Section of the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development with the comment, “Here is your mission”.

“By that I meant the inescapable commitment of the Church to save the lives of migrants in order to welcome them, protect them, support them and integrate them,” the Pope said, as the group from Lesbos looked on, except for the toddler who played at his feet.

Francis said he wanted to display the life vest “‘crucified’ on the cross to remind us that we must keep our eyes open, keep our hearts open and to remind everyone of the binding obligation to save every human life, a moral obligation that unites believers and nonbelievers.


Pope meets new arrivals in Rome, says helping migrants is moral duty (Crux)  Published Cath News, 20th Dec 2019

PLENARY COUNCIL UPDATE: Have you been a part of the Plenary Council process of listening, prayer, dialogue and discernment?  Do you feel called to express your interest in being a delegate from our diocese?  Speak with your Parish Priest, school principal or agency leader today about the details.  Expressions of Interest due by January 25th 2020. 

Calendar Dates for Delegates

Any person who expresses their interest in being called by our diocese to be a delegate to the Plenary Council must be available for the following dates:

  1. Preparation and formation days for Delegates: Choose ONE of the following four dates:

a. Melbourne: Thursday 5.00 pm June 18th 2020 – Saturday 12.00 pm June 20th 2020

b. Brisbane: Thursday 5.00 pm June 25th 2020 – Saturday 12.00 pm June 27th 2020

c. Sydney: Thursday 5.00pm July 16th 2020 – Saturday 12.00 pm July 18th 2020

d. Perth: Thursday 5.00 pm July 23rd 2020 – Saturday 12.00 pm July 25th 2020

2. Plenary Council General Assembly 1: Sunday 2.00 pm October 4th 2020 – Sunday 12.00pm October 11th 2020

3.Plenary Council General Assembly 2: Monday 12.00pm June 28th 2021 – Saturday 12.00pm July 3rd 2020

Anyone who cannot be available for all of these dates, unfortunately, is ineligible to be called.



  27/12  Andrews Family  10/01  Lindsay & Jean Claude Pauguy


Returns February 2020


22/12 M Hau   29/12 G & N Forrest




6:00 pm

A Rajesh

A Ross

L Garvey, W & B Vailk, R Ginting, A Tanner

9:00 am

P Fernando

C Fernando

C Martin, G Thompson, M O’Brien, H & R Francis

10.30 am

R Pereira

M Byers

M Hobbin, R Lappin, C Mayer,

I Merrigan, R O’Brien





6:00 pm



T.Andrews;  M.Vandiemen,  J.Parsons,  H.Judd,  S.Dominic

9:00 am

H. Francis


P. Fernando, R.Dias,  M Wiwczaruk,   P. Carlin,  N.Boloski 

10.30 am

A. Arul,

J. Arul

D & J  Estrada ,  C. Faamausili ,  B.Kollaris , J. Mozina


 Last week   PG   $1485.00     Loose    $692.80     House   $608.45

This week   PG   $ 1484.00    Loose    $830.10     House   $826.15

Get up, take the child and his mother, and flee to Egypt, and remain there until I tell you; for Herod is about to search for the child, to destroy him.” (Matthew 2:13