St Clare’s Early Learning Centre – New Management

Changes are being made to the management of St Clare’s ELC/ Kindergarten. What follows is a letter I sent to the ELC families to advise of the nature of these changes. Parishioners will be interested to read a slightly edited version of what is happening.

In the Diocese of Sale we have only one ELC/ Kindergarten. This change follows the change in governance of the Catholic schools in the Diocese of Sale, management of which has moved from the responsibility of the parish priest, to Diocese of Sale Catholic Education Limited, based at Sion House, Warragul. Fr B.

Dear Families of St Clare’s Early Learning Centre,

Recently St Patrick Parish, Pakenham, made the decision to transition the operational and administrative running of the Early Years’ service to an Early Years Management (EYM) service provider. This decision was made with the encouragement and approval of Bishop O’Regan and authorities in the Diocese of Sale. The successful service provider selected is ‘bestchance’ and we believe they are well placed to continue successfully managing St Clare’s Early Learning Centre, supporting the excellent kindergarten programs offered to our families. Bestchance have also assured us that we will retain the Catholic identity and culture of St Clare’s Early Learning Centre.

The ELC Executive Group, which I chair, led the decision-making process and staff were duly informed. The transition will not affect either the service delivery or the operational aspects of the kindergarten. The changes are administrative in nature and for children and families there should be no noticeable impact. Both the Parish and bestchance will be working together to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible and, most importantly, that there is no impact on the children, families and staff at St Clare’s Early Learning Centre.

What you need to know:

* The official transition date is 1st July 2018.

* bestchance will contact families with further enrolment requirements for Term 3, 2018.

* Session times and educational staff will remain as they currently are for the remainder of the year.

* bestchance will survey 2019 families in the coming weeks to confirm the program timetable for 2019.

We look forward to this new, sustainable phase of St Clare’s Early Learning Centre. I fully expect you will continue to enjoy kindergarten with your family in 2018 and beyond!

Yours faithfully

Fr Bernard Buckley      Parish Priest