‘Sharing our Story – Celebrating our Faith –  Shaping our Future’

How can you join in the discussion for our Diocesan Assembly?

 You are invited to join in a parish discussion on the Diocesan Assembly Themes (Saturday 7th Sept at 10:30 am  and Tuesday 10th Sept at 7:00 pm)  and share your thoughts. You might also wish to discuss in small groups. The discussion kit is available from your parish office or you can download it from the Diocesan website

You may also send in your own personal submission online

Conversation Topics 3 & 4

  1. Families and Vocation (raising disciples in our families, so that they can go out into the world)
  • Supporting family life in all its diversity
  • Supporting married couples
  • Supporting young people/young adults
  • Vocations
  1. Liturgy and Prayer (nourishing our communities)
  • Music
  • Homilies
  • Liturgical formation for parish communities & liturgy teams
  • Liturgies, other than Sunday Eucharist
  • A variety of prayer experiences