Parish Weekly Bulletin: 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time – 21st January 2018

We remember those who have died recently including Jack Kelly, Joan Walker  and those whose anniversaries occur about this time including Peter Kenny, Daniel O’Driscoll, James, Eileen & Elizabeth Fennell, Fr Joe Flynn Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord, let your perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace. AMEN.

We pray for those who are sick including Keith Brooks, David Gudgeon, Angel Tan, Calvin Furnell, Richard Pereira, Val Battams Tom Cervasio, Marie Stephen, Deonetta Golja.  We pray for all who care for the sick and worry about them. May their works of service be richly blessed.  (Names can only be placed on this list by the sick person or a family member).

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This weekend we welcome Aurora O’Sullivan for Baptism. “Receive the light of Christ. Parents and Godparents this light is entrusted to you to keep burning brightly” (Rite of Baptism). The next Baptism Preparation session is February 4th,  2018  at  2.45pm


Each week in the bulletin we include part of a report of a survey offered to young Catholics last year to help prepare an Australian response to the forthcoming Roman Synod of the Church, discussing the above topic. Following is another extract from that response:

CATHOLICS IN AUSTRALIA: According to the Australian Census in 2016, Catholics were the largest religious group in Australia, with just under 5.3 million people identifying as Catholic, or 22.6 per cent of the 23.4 million Australian population. While, overall, 52 per cent of the population identified with a Christian denomination and 8.2 per cent with other religions, around 30 per cent of the population, or seven million Australians, did not identify with any religious group. Whilst the number of Catholics has grown in every Census since the first Australian Census was held 105 years ago, 2016 was the first time the Catholic population has seen a net decrease, falling by 147,000 people.

Research has revealed that 140,000 young people aged 15-29 who identified as Catholic in 2011 dis-identified in 2016, with most indicating ‘No religion’ on the Census form. In 2016, the average age of Australians was 38 years, and the average age of Catholics was only slightly higher at 39 years. There were almost 650,000 Indigenous Australians, with just over one-in-five identifying as Catholic. Just over one-quarter of all Australians were born overseas, and around 21 per cent spoke a language other than English at home.

There were 4.374 million young people aged 16-29, and 20.5 per cent       were Catholic. Over 525,000 Australian young people aged 16-29 attended a secondary educational institution, with 120,000 enrolled in one of the country’s 343 Catholic secondary schools. A further 865,000 young people were studying at a university or at another tertiary institution, while 318,000 were studying at a TAFE or other vocational institution. The vast majority of young people (60%) who were in the labour force were employees, although three per cent of all young people were owner-managers of enterprises. Thirty-seven per cent of all young people were employed full-time and 22 per cent were employed part-time. Around six per cent were unemployed, looking for either part-time or full-time employment.

In 2011, the number of people at Mass in Australia on a typical weekend was about 662,000, or 12.2 per cent of the Catholic population. The rate of attendance amongst young Catholics aged 15-29 was around five to six per cent. In comparison with the Australian Catholic population in 2016, the National Church Life Survey conducted in 2016 revealed that Mass attenders (aged 15 or over) were generally older (average age was 59 years), were well educated, a higher proportion were born in non-English speaking countries and a higher proportion were married. 


This weekend we congratulate Sr Teresa who has recently celebrated her Diamond Jubilee (60 years) of vows as a Sister of the Good Samaritan. There will be a ‘cuppa’ in the hall after the 9:00am Mass so parishioners will have a chance to pass on their own good wishes. Well done Sister, thanks for your generous presence in our parish over the years, and many blessings for the years ahead. Ad Multos Annos as the ancient Romans would say!


The Bishop of Sale is seeking to appoint a Multiplatform Journalist for a fixed term of 2 years on a part time basis of 3 days per week (0.6FTE). The position forms part of the newly established Digital Media and Communications Team, reporting to the Bishop through Diocesan Digital Media Manager. The role will be actively involved in contributing content to the development of the Diocese’s new information and news websites. The Multiplatform Journalist will actively seek news stories from around the Diocese and be able to present these stories in written and video format. The position will be based in Warragul and will require travel to Parishes in the Diocese.

The role is expected to demonstrate a commitment to, and support of the mission of the Catholic Church in the Diocese of Sale and a commitment to the safety and wellbeing of children. A high level of professionalism, capacity to work autonomously, initiative and sound communication skills is required in this key role.

Position Description, Application Form, Confidential Referee Assessment Form and other relevant information is available. Please mail to receive this pack.  Applications close on Friday 9th February 2018.

Real encounter, real people, real exchange, real life 

PALMS ENCOUNTERS: Palms Encounters are ethically run group tours that provide participants with authentic, hard to come by experiences. The tours have been carefully designed to give you an insight into the daily life of people of another culture, an understanding of sustainable approaches to reducing poverty, and an insight into the life and work of Palms development volunteers

Palms Australia Encounters in 2018: 11 – 23 March to Timor Leste; 18 – 30 May to Samoa; 20 May – 1 June to Timor Leste; 2 – 14 September to Timor Leste.  Limited places still available on our March Encounter to Timor Leste! If you’d like   to join us for this incredible experience please contact Palms on 02 9560 5333 or go to Palms Australia is a registered Non-Government Organisation that places skilled volunteers in remote communities around the world. Palms Australia’s objective is to facilitate people cooperating across cultures to achieve a just, sustainable, interdependent and peaceful world free of poverty.


The parish centre has a play room specifically designed for families with pre-school aged children (0-5) to get together, play and get to know each other.

We are always looking for new families to become involved in the playgroup sessions which are held each weekday morning in the room. We have vacancies for new groups to form this year.

Children attend once a week with their parent(s) for the two hour session and have the opportunity to learn basic socialization though play, eating together, craft and music. Parents can to get to know others raising young children living in our parish and enjoy fellowship. A small levy is charged, $10 a term per family, for equipment, craft supplies, tea and coffee, and you just bring a piece of fruit for the children to share at morning tea.

To start the year, we are hosting a drop-in “Come and See” morning tea on Tuesday 6th February from 10am to 11.30am here at the parish hall so families can come along, learn more and meet others.

If you are interesting in joining a weekly group and/ or wish to come along to the ‘Come and See’ morning tea, please don’t hesitate to contact Liz Roberts on 040 710 4358.


On  Sunday, 18th February, St Mary’s parish, Yarram, is celebrating 100 years of the presence of the Sisters of St. Joseph. Bishop Patrick

O’Regan will be celebrating Mass at 10.00am and this will be followed

by lunch in the Mary MacKillop Hall with an opportunity to look at our  refurbished school. If you are a past student or parishioner, wishing to join us in our celebrations, could you please contact the Parish Office on 5182 5028 on Tuesdays or email  All welcome!


For your diary:

  • First Communion: Weekends of 26th May and 22nd April;
  • Confirmation: 17th & 18th August;
  • Reconciliation: 25th October.

If you would like to enroll your child, please contact Parish Office


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