Palm Sunday, 14th April 2019

We remember those who have died recently including Mary Hansen  and those whose    anniversaries occur about  this time.

We pray for those who are sick including Brian John Ramsdale,  David Lively, Clyde Dias, Michael Bakker  Philomena Molloy, Elizabeth Ware, David Gudgeon,  George Hilder and Lyn Hardidge


 “Receive the light of Christ. Parents and Godparents this light is entrusted to you to keep burning brightly” (Rite of Baptism). Next Baptism Preparation is Sunday May 5th  at  2.45pm.


As we imagine the scene of Palm Sunday, we can’t miss the disconnection between what we see with our eyes and the high meaning it proclaims. We see a man seated precariously on a barrel-like ass, accompanied by a raggle-taggle group of bystanders waving green tree fronds, as he makes his way through the dust into town. What it means is that the King of Israel has arrived for his installation. This is dynastic history played as comedy.

This contrast between appearance and reality makes Palm Sunday the right day to remember people who have sought protection in Australia. They, too, have come to Australia in mockeries of boats and have tried to enter through its sea gates. They, too, have been captured on arrival and hung out in prisons in order to deter others.

As on the first Palm Sunday a handful of Catholics gather this year to march with others through their city streets. They hold banners insisting that these people are human beings like ourselves and demand respect. As they did on the first Palm Sunday and have done for many years bystanders will stop to watch for a minute or two and pass on, perhaps moved to reflection, perhaps dismissive of such puny challenges to a powerful State.

Yet, year by year the marches continue, gathering people who are still seeking protection, their relatives, people who are horrified at the callous treatment of our fellow human beings on Manus Island, in detention centres and in Australia, and the many Australians who weep that such things are being done in their name as citizens of Australia.

And the Christians who march continue to celebrate Palm Sunday, believing that Jesus’ way to life lay through suffering, torture and death to the exuberant life in which we share.  What began in the humanly comic scene on Palm Sunday and continued in the humanly serious and brutal business of Good Friday, has concluded in the divine comedy of Easter Sunday and its victory over the forces of death dealing.

That is why we at CAPSA (Catholic Alliance for People Seeking Asylum) join our fellow Australians in the Palm Sunday marches, praying that our fellow human beings will be freed from the living death imposed on them. Fr Andy Hamilton SJ.

The ‘Walk for Justice for Refugees’ starts today (14/4) at 2:00 PM  outside the State Library of Victoria, 328 Swanston St, Melbourne.


The annual collection for the support of the church in the Holy land takes place on Good Friday. This collection promotes the missionary work of the church in the Holy Land by providing welfare assistance to local Christians in areas such as health, education, employment and housing. Parishes, schools, orphanages and medical centres throughout the Holy land also rely on assistance from the Good Friday collection.

The collection is also used to maintain over 70 Churches and shrines associated with the life of Jesus. Last year, Australian Catholics donated $1.4million to this cause, despite tough economic times, rural droughts and increasing cost of living which put a strain on family budgets and financial resources. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Please remember the Christians of Holy land again on this Good Friday. Please also pray that peace and harmony will become a reality in the birthplace of Jesus, the ‘Prince of Peace’.


The Cardinia Christian Leaders’ Forum invites all parishioners to a Dawn Service on Easter Sunday (21/4) starting approximately 6:30am. Gather at Cardinia Lakes Amphitheatre, off Windermere Boulevard, between Army Road and the Princes Highway. This will be a great opportunity for local Christian churches to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection together!


Vacancy for Education Support Officer (ESO). Minimum Certificate III qualification in Education Support or Integration. Ability to work with all levels P-6. Experience in working with children integrated into mainstream schooling an advantage. Apply in writing to by April 17th.


The parish recently purchased a defibrillator to have handy near the church/ sacristy when such a machine is needed. A training session has been booked for Sunday May 5th at 10:00am, between the 9:00am and 10:30am Masses that day. It would be great if quite a few people could make themselves available for that session which will last about 30 minutes. Especially welcome would be anyone with medical or nursing experience, or who works in a large workplace. It will be handy to have a good number of people who might know how to use the machine when needed, often in a hurry.


The next Paddy’s Kitchen dinner is to be on Easter Sunday.  If you are able to volunteer to help for a few hours please call Herbie on 0429 223 631.  Also donations of Easter Eggs would be much appreciated. If you can help with a dessert for any of our mels please fill in the sheet in the foyer. Thank you in advance


It has now been five years since CatholicCare (Archdiocese of Melbourne) started managing CatholicCare Gippsland on behalf of the Diocese of Sale. Offering a range of services to individuals, couples and families, CatholicCare’s real strength has been a focus on relationships.

Good relationships are the glue that hold couples, families and communities together, and never more so than when times are challenging. When I think of the social issues that are impacting on the Gippsland community – unemployment, family breakdown, family violence, housing distress, addiction, and refugee settlement issues – it is heartening to know that CatholicCare can help.

In the last 12 months the CatholicCare team have supported 549 people across the Diocese of Sale through counselling services, post-separation programs, relationship courses, migrant and refugee services, support for retired priests, and pastoral care for prisoners at the Fulham Correctional Centre. These services have been delivered with compassion, caring and a determination to break down the barriers to social inclusion.

As the families in our community continue to face significant challenges, CatholicCare has responded by appointing a new Regional Manager, Denise Lacey, to support the growth of the service to meet emerging needs. On behalf of the Diocese of Sale, I offer my thanks to John Sheldon and the Board of CatholicCare, along with Netty Horton and her wonderful team for their contribution to our shared mission.

I look forward to the next five years of our partnership as we are called to follow in Christ’s footsteps and stand in solidarity with the poor and the vulnerable.

Bishop Patrick O’Regan Bishop of Sale


Please check out our website for   more information.


Living with a disability was challenging for Nguyet. Since featuring in Project Compassion 2017 Nguyet has successfully built her own business, a dream that has become a reality with the support of Caritas Australia. Nguyet has become independent, an important member of her community and has great hope for her future.

Please donate to Project Compassion 2019 and give children living with disabilities in Vietnam the opportunity for an education and inclusion in their community.

Lives change when we all give 100%. You can donate through Parish boxes and envelopes, by visiting or phoning 1800 024 413.

EVENING MASS:  On Monday 29th April, Fr Hilarion will celebrate mass at St Patricks. All are welcome and a cuppa will follow in the hall after mass.

MASS FOR YOU AT HOME: There are many people in our parishes who are unable to attend Mass because of illness, or on some occasions because of a lack of priests. Network 10 offers a weekly Mass service that many people have found helpful in nourishing their spiritual life if they can’t join with the parish community. Let your local nursing homes or housebound friends know about this service. Here is the link: channel-ten/mass-for-you-at-home

It looks as though Mass For You At Home has made a move from the main Channel Ten to digital channel Eleven at the new time of 5.30am, Sunday.


 14/4 6pm K Symons  9am A Jayawardena  10.30 I Merrigan

 21st  Easter  Sunday


19/4 T & N Andrews    26/4 K Venn and H Aurisch


14/4 D Velten & K Symons  21/4 N Boloski L Roberts C Smith


14/4 L Diaz   21/4 Jayawardena Family

FINANCE MATTERS:  4th Sunday of Lent 


Last week:   PG  $1827.50  Loose  $925.50  House  $500.05

This week:   PG  $1831.70  Loose  $788.15  House  $860.35