Mass Procedural Matters – Note for Parishioners

Mass Procedural Matters – A Note for Parishioners

Please take note of the following issues:

  1. Of late quite a considerable number of people are coming late to mass. While it is true that it is better late than never the ideal is to arrive at mass in good time. Parishioners are asked to make an effort to arrive early for mass.
  2. A considerable number of people remain in the foyer of the church and do not come into the mass body of the church. Ideally the foyer is the place for families with noisy children, all others are requested to come into the church – even if you arrive late. There is always plenty of places in the church.
  3. Parishioners in the church, would you please on arrival move to the centre of the seats. If you sit at the end of the seats it means people have to climb over you to get a place. The only exception to this are elderly parishioners who receive communion at their seat.
  4. All are reminded that it is good manners to remain in the church until the celebrant has left the church and the final hymn is finished.