3rd SUNDAY OF ADVENT 15th DEC 2019

We remember those who have died recently including Brian Hogan, Roy Luiz and those whose anniversaries occur about this time  including Joan Taskis, Billy & Jose Hughes  

We pray for those who are sick including, John Seet, Max Byers, John Ramsdale,  David Lively, Clyde Dias, Brian Tanti, Milan Sunil; Michael Bakker  Philomena Molloy, David Gudgeon and Lyn Hardidge.


Today we welcome Isabella DeVera and her parents Jowell and Samantha “Receive the light of Christ.  Parents and Godparents this light is entrusted to you to keep burning brightly” (Rite of Baptism). Next Baptism Prep is  January 5th, 2020  at    2:45 pm


I wanted to let parishioners know there will be some changes coming to our parish in the new year.  With the continuing challenges, I have with my health, and the need of the parish for a full-time priest keep the parish on mission, it seemed best to me that I make way for someone else. So, last week I offered Bishop Pat O’Regan a letter of resignation as PP of St Pat’s, Pakenham. I was very sad to do so. The Bishop sent a very kind letter accepting my resignation.

The process now is that Bishop Pat has written to the priests of our Diocese advising the parish of St Pat’s is ‘vacant’ as of January 15th, 2020. He has asked for applications for the position of PP, and that those be received soon. The hope is that an appointment can be made and announced soon, even before Christmas. This move, and any others that arise in other parishes because of it, will likely take place about January 17th.

I am very grateful for all the prayers, kindness and good wishes sent my way over these months and ask, if it’s not too much to do so, that you keep the prayers going a bit longer!! I miss parish life very much. I hope to be involved in some small way in the parishes here in Sth Gippsland as things allow. My prayers are for the health and happiness of all in the St Patrick’s family; and for courage and confidence for those who are finding life a bit of a battle as Christmas approaches. 

Wishing everyone all the blessings for a happy, holy and safe Christmas season. BB.



17th Tuesday,       7:30 pm, Our Lady Help Of Christians,  Narre warren.

18th Wednesday,  7:30 pm,  St Michaels Parish Berwick.

19 th Thursday,     7:30 pm,  St Agatha’s Parish Cranbourne.


The 6:00 pm and the 8:00 pm Christmas masses are looking for little kids to come dressed as shepherds and angels. We are also looking for adult helpers to get the kids organised. If you have any questions please contact the parish office.



This is a lovely service of Christian Carols and Scripture readings, gathered around the crib on Sunday 22nd Dec at  7:00 pm in the church. All welcome.



Our Piety stall has beautiful prayer placemats at $2 each which make excellent Christmas gifts for primary aged children and will assist parents to pray with their children at mealtimes.




The Diocese of Broome, WA, requires volunteers to assist with the work of the local Church in the Kimberley. There are various important voluntary tasks: administration, building maintenance, gardening, shop staffing, cooking, cleaning etc.  Placements are preferred for a period of 6 months.  We are currently seeking volunteers for several parishes including Kalumburu and La Grange/Bidyadanga.

For further details on how to be a part of this unique experience, and an application form, please contact:

Volunteer Coordinator: Anneliese Rohr 08 9192 1060, Email: volunteers@broomediocese.org, Web: www.broomediocese.org

Mail:  PO Box 76, BROOME  WA  6725



If you would like to be a Lector, offertory gift bearer, Eucharistic ministers, welcomer or an altar server for any of the Christmas or New year Masses, please put your name down on the signup sheet in the foyer.




THOUSANDS of young Australian Catholics have been challenged to “go out and rebuild” God’s Church on the opening day of the 2019 Australian Catholic Youth Festival. The opening session of the Festival, which has drawn 5500 young people from across Australia, featured a Welcome to Country, high-tempo music, inspirational speakers and moments of prayer. Archbishop Timothy Costelloe SDB, the host of the Festival as the Archbishop of Perth, welcomed pilgrims and encouraged them to bring every part of themselves to the gathering.“You are welcome here with your questions, with your hopes, with your dreams. You are welcome here with your doubts and with your fears. You are welcome here with your hesitations and you’re welcome here with all your enthusiasms,” Archbishop Costelloe said. “God is real. Christ is alive. The Church of which you are a part is yearning to help you and to hear you, to teach you and to learn from you, to challenge you and to be challenged by you.” Archbishop Costelloe’s opening address drew upon the exhortation that St Francis of Assisi received 800 years ago and a similar encouragement from Pope Francis in more recent times. He combined God’s request to St Francis’ – “Go and rebuild my Church, which is falling into ruin” – with Pope Francis’ comments at World Youth Day 2016 in Poland. Archbishop Costelloe challenged young people: “Get up off your couches, go out and help rebuild my Church. Help it to set out on new and uncharted pathways. Help stop the Church, my Church, from falling into ruin.”Fr Rob Galea, a priest of the Sandhurst Diocese and a renowned singer-songwriter, used the Festival’s opening session to invite delegates to be open to the voice of God in their lives.

“I pray that throughout this time, as we gather here as a family, as we gather here as your people, that you give us the grace to hear you speak,” Fr Galea said. “Lord, we don’t want to walk out of this place the same way we walked in. We know that when you speak, our lives, our hearts are changed forever. So Lord, we give you the permission these next few days to speak to our hearts, to speak into our lives. “Lord, we give you the permission to mess up our plans. We want you, Jesus. We want your guidance, Holy Spirit. You can take the world, you can take everything. Give us you. Come, Holy Spirit.” In the evening plenary session on day one, pilgrims heard humorous and faith-filled insights from Missionary of God’s Love Sisters Therese Mills and Judy Bowe, who recently appeared on television show The Amazing Race.

Sr Judy said when someone suggested the idea to go on the show, they thought it could be from God, but they needed to – in the theme of ACYF and the Plenary Council – listen to the Holy Spirit.

“When it’s God, anything can happen. It was so ‘God’ because it was so positive. It was like the whole Church has this big collective laugh, all together,” she explained. Sr Therese said they were given the opportunity to bring the Gospel message to people’s lounge rooms through actions like praying at the demilitarised zone on the border of North and South Korea. And that allowed them to speak with their fellow contestants and crew – and the audience – about their own vocation and how God can work in people’s lives.

“If you know that you’re listening to the Holy Spirit, you can do anything with great courage that it will go well,” Sr Judy said. Sebastian Duhau and Holly Roberts, who have each represented young Australian Catholics at the Vatican, told their peers that they should take up Pope Francis’ challenge to be “protagonists of change” and “the now of God”. They explained that the Plenary Council 2020 allows people of all ages in Australia to be both of those things. Delegates closed the first day by participating in the meditative prayer form that originated from the Taizé community in France, followed by a musical performance from Gen Bryant. Other highlights on the opening day included:

The first two “Cruisin’ with Columba” conversations – chats between Bishop Delegate for Youth Columba Macbeth-Green OSPPE and a group of young people;• The first Bishops X-Change sessions, in which bishops from across the country engage with young people on important issues facing the Church and society;• Dutch priest and author Fr Michel Remery asking the question: “Is there social media in heaven?”;• Catechetical sessions on prayer, including participation in Sunday Mass;\• An exploration of how young Catholics can continue to advocate for action on climate change. For more information about the Festival, including speaker and performer profiles, go to www.acyf.org.au


Next meal and companionship is  December 15th     Doors open 5:30 pm  for a 6:00 pm meal  Please feel welcome to come and enjoy a 2- course hot meal if you are struggling in this cold weather or finding it hard to make ends meet, or maybe just in need of some company. Thank you to all the wonderful parishioners who have provided desserts over the past year for our bi monthly dinners. We are generally serving around 35 guests.  Our next dinner is on Sunday 15th December.  We are planning a Christmas Dinner and would appreciate any offers of cold desserts e.g. trifle, cheesecake, pavlova etc. The leader is Sue and she can be contacted on 0409 202903 or aussiebobcahire@bigpond.com 


If you would like to be a Lector, offertory gift bearer, Eucharistic ministers, welcomer or an altar server for any of the Christmas or New year Masses, please put your name and phone number down in the signup sheet in the foyer.



St Patrick’s Needs you: We are in need for more volunteers to be Eucharistic ministers especially for the 9:00 am and 10:30 am masses. If you are willing please contact the office



We are looking for volunteers to help set up before mass mainly for the 6:00 pm and the 10:30 am masses. If you can come a few minutes before mass, contact the parish office.



A Reunion of Students, teachers & staff, will be held on Sunday 22nd March 2020 from noon to 4 pm at the old school site, which is now home to Galilee Regional Catholic Primary School. Entry is from Banks Street. BBQ lunch and light refreshments provided. A gold coin donation to help cover costs would be appreciated. Memorabilia will be on display. Enquiries to Tony 9580 7344. Regards Tony Allday 2020 Reunion Committee



20/12 M Mendis Family   27/12  Andrews Family


15/12 N Boloski L Roberts C Smith

22/12 F DeBona & A Jayawardena


15/12  R & A Jayawardena  22/12 M Hau






A Tanner


T Reimert S Dominic M Burhop

G Wright  K Symons


M Dineen

M O’Brien

P Maxfield B Brker G Prestt
N Boloski S Leo


A Raos

J Estrada

U Tiberi A Vanday M Weliwatte
C Faamausili A Stowers






T Andrews

N Andrews

H Pereira T Ridgeway V Ukkru

L Patton  J Rodda


B. Wiegerink

D Rowlands

M Dineen J Schalks J White

R & A Jayawardena


A Arul

J Arul

D & J Estrada C Faamausili

B Kollaris  J Mozina



Last week   PG  $1578.00   Loose   $718.35   House  $719.55

This week   PG  $1416.75   Loose   $838.20   House  $647.50


“Truly I tell you, among those born of women no one has arisen greater than John the Baptist; yet the least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he” (Mathew 11:11)


All our activities as a parish in building community, forming faith, serving the poor, participating in the liturgy, should be undertaken so that a seeker after Truth might see and hear the evidence of the presence and mission of the risen Lord Jesus Christ amongst us.