31st March, 4th Sunday of Lent

We remember those who have died recently including Celina Grabiec and those whose anniversaries occur about  this time including Brian Atkins and Mick Lockwood.

We pray for those who are sick including Brian John Ramsdale,  David Lively, Clyde Dias, Michael Bakker Philomena Molloy, Elizabeth Ware, David Gudgeon,  George Hilder and Lyn Hardidge


 “Receive the light of Christ. Parents and Godparents this light is entrusted to you to keep burning brightly” (Rite of Baptism). Next Baptism Preparation is Sunday, April  7th  at  2.45pm.


The parish recently purchased a defibrillator to have handy near the church/ sacristy when such a machine is needed. A training session has been booked for Sunday, May 5th at 10:00 am, between the 9:00 am and 10:30 am Masses that day. It would be great if quite a few people could make themselves available for that session which will last about 30 minutes. Especially welcome would be anyone with medical or nursing experience, or who works in a large workplace. It will be handy to have a good number of people who might know how to use the machine when needed, often in a hurry.


The next serving will be Sunday 7th        April 2109, dinner served at 6 pm If any parishioner is able to help with a dessert for this meal could they please fill in the sheet in the foyer.


Michaela is a 21-year-old trainee at Purple House, a dialysis center in the Central Desert for people suffering from kidney disease. With the support of Caritas partners, Michaela is helping to build a social enterprise, a connection to culture and a new outlook for the chronically ill.

Please donate to Project Compassion 2019 and help provide essential health care, employment and training for First Australians like Michaela.

Lives change when we all give 100%. You can donate through Parish boxes and envelopes, by visiting www.caritas.org.au/projectcompassion or phoning 1800 024 413.


Local members of Saint  Vincent de Paul have been working with the fire affected families in the Tonimbuk area, offering support and assistance. 215 families have been affected with 29 having lost their homes. StVdeP would like to be able to purchase vouchers that we can personally hand out to these people. We are asking for donations to be able to do this and you can be sure, that every dollar will be  going to these families.

A member of St Patrick’s conference will speak at the masses this weekend.  A leaving collection will be taken up after each mass. Alternatively if you would like a receipt, you may put your donation in the SVdP  box in the foyer of the church at any time.  We anticipate we will be assisting in the area for a number of months. Chris Russo [president].


Jeff Cavins will present “The Activated Disciple: Taking your Faith to the Next Level” at St. Agatha’s Church, 129 Sladen Street Cranbourne on Sunday 28th April 2019 at 7.00pm.  Jeff is the creator of ‘The Great Adventure Bible Timeline’ study system.  In this talk, Jeff describes the difference between an enthusiastic admirer (fan) and a disciplined follower of Jesus; knowing His voice, imitating Him and becoming attuned to His mission and will give believers a clearer picture of what God desires for them. All Welcome! Cost:  Donation


Choir practices for Holy Week and Easter will be held in the church 7.30pm to 9 pm on Thursday, April 4th, and April 11th. Existing and new members are very welcome


We are starting a program in the near future for school-aged children,  who are looking to celebrate the sacrament of Baptism. If your child/children are interested could you please contact the office so a program plan can be formed  59417315  


On Thursday, (4/4), all parishioners are invited to a communal ceremony of reconciliation. This will be held at St Patrick’s church at 7:30 pm that evening. There will be visiting priests to help with the number of people. Even those who may not want to see the priest individually can join in the liturgy of Reconciliation.

Pope Francis ever encourages people to receive the sacrament of reconciliation. “Everyone say to themself: ‘When was the last time I went to confession?’ And if it has been a long time, don’t lose another day! Go, the priest will be good. And Jesus, (will be) there, and Jesus is better than the priests – Jesus receives you. He will receive you with so much love! Be courageous, and go to confession.”

Acknowledging a popular objection to the sacrament, Pope Francis noted, “someone can say, ‘I confess my sins only to God.’ Yes, you can say to God, ‘forgive me,’ and say your sins. But our sins are also against our brothers and sisters, against the Church. This is why it is necessary to ask forgiveness of the Church and others, in the person of the priest.”

“While the celebration of the sacrament is personal, it is rooted in the universality of the Church,” which “accompanies us on the path of conversion,” he explained. “Forgiveness is not something we can give ourselves,” cautioned the Pope. “One asks forgiveness, one asks it of another person, and in confession, we ask forgiveness from Jesus.”

“Forgiveness is not a result of our efforts, but is a gift. It is a gift of the Holy Spirit who showers us with mercy and grace that pours forth unceasingly from the open heart of Christ crucified and risen.”

The Pontiff went on to recognize that many people feel ashamed at the idea of confessing their sins and might say, “but Father, I am embarrased!” “Even embarrassment is good. It’s healthy to have a bit of shame… it does us good, because it makes us more humble.” “Don’t be afraid of confession,” Pope Francis stressed. “When someone is in line for confession he feels all these things – even shame – but then, when he finishes confessing, he leaves (feeling) free, great, beautiful, forgiven, clean, happy.”

“The sacrament of reconciliation is a sacrament of healing,” he pointed out.

“When I go to confession, it’s for healing: healing the soul, healing the heart because of something that I did to make it unwell.” The Pope pointed to the biblical story of Jesus healing a paralyzed man, which expresses the “profound link” between “forgiveness and healing,” since “the Lord Jesus is revealed at the same time as the physician of soul and body.” He also recounted the parable of the prodigal son, who sought his father’s forgiveness and was welcomed home with open arms.    “But I say to you,” he stressed to the many pilgrims, “every time we go to confession, God embraces us.


Archbishop Timothy Costelloe, Archbishop of Perth in his 2019 Lenten Messages addressed the horror and scandal of the sexual abuse of children and young people in the Church.  He said that it is a source of shame and concern for all the victims and survivors of such abuse and their families, and of deep bewilderment. “ I have asked myself, as so many of you must also have done, how we could possibly have arrived at such a dreadful and shameful moment in the story of the Catholic Church in Australia”.  In support, guidance, and encouragement he concluded:   “We are not only facing a crisis of credibility or confidence.  We are not only grappling with a loss of respect in our society. We are not only facing the reality of diminishment in numbers and influence.  We are facing a crisis of faith.  The only way through this crisis is a return to fidelity, a return to the Gospel, a return to Christ.  It is he in whom we must place our trust.  Our leaders may fail us, our brothers and sisters in the community of the Church may fail us, our own weaknesses and blindness may betray us – but Christ will never fail us.”


Please Note dates have been changed  

First Holy Communion will be on the weekends of 25th May,  and 14/15th of June.

Confirmation: 16th and 17th of August 

First Reconciliation will be the 30th Of October. Check out our website for more information. 


Our April luncheon is on April 3rd at the Pakenham Hotel (near the station) at 12noon. Please come along and enjoy lunch together. Everyone welcome Contact Kathy 0418679616 or ksymons54@bigpond.com


The Liturgy Committee met on Tuesday, March 26th and discussed the following topics:

The new Liturgical Music group is meeting again this weekend with new music groups and singers becoming part of weekend masses. New hymns are being introduced and we are considering hosting a music workshop for musicians/singers from our parish and surrounding parishes to share ideas.

We continue to discuss what will be involved when we move into the hall while the church is renovated, needing to work out what seating to use; the hall might hold about 275 chairs which is less than the current church. Acoustics will have to be improved.

Reconciliation for the parish will be held on Thursday April 4th at 7.30pm; with additional priests in attendance to assist. Choir practice for that night will be canceled.

Holy Week Timetable:

  • 18/4 Holy Thursday 7.30pm – Mass of the Lord’s Supper
  • 19/4 Good Friday – Stations of the Cross 10 am
  • 19/4 Good Friday 3 pm – Celebration of the Lord’s Passion
  • 20/4 Easter Vigil 7 pm
  • 21/4 Easter Sunday Mass 9 am and 10.30am

Visit of the Diocesan Icon and Candle, May 19th for the week. A parish ceremony will be held that week, likely Wednesday, May 22nd at 7.30pm

The weekend of June 1st/2nd The parish St Vincent de Paul Conference will be celebrating its 50th birthday. All ideas/feedback welcome.

Volunteers still needed to operate the projector at the weekend


31/3 6pm M VanDiemen  9am A J Estrada  10.30 P Bare

7/4   6pm  M VanDiemen 9am A J Estrada 10.30 H O’Flynn



5/4   W Damin & M Sashanami

12/4 Menaka Mendis and Family


31/3  D Velten R Kollaris

7/4  T Ridgewy & Volunteer please


31/3 J & T Jimenez  7/4 George Family






A Mendis

E Fernando

P Pereira L Garvey M Vandiemen

F & T O’Gorman


G Thompson

M O’Brien

A Penton P Maxfield G Prestt  B Barker

N Boloski


A Arul

J Arul

D & J Estrada C Faamausili

B Kollaris J Mozina






J Colvin

J Samymuthu

H Judd M Roche W & B Vail

R Ginting


P Velten

Sr Teresa

R & A Jayawrdena G Thompson

P Fernando M O’Brien


J Arul

A Arul

D Estrada J Estarad C Faamausili

B Kollaris J Mozina

FINANCE MATTERS:  4th Sunday of Lent 

Last week:   :   PG: $2117.00  Loose  $826.65  House   $699.55

This week        PG  $1924.00  Loose  $865.35  House  $771.654


“No longer was there manna for the Israelites, who that year ate of the yield of the land of Canaan.” (Joshua 5:12)


Over the forty years that the Israelites journeyed through the desert, God provided them with manna to eat. As soon as they were able to enjoy the fruits of the Promised Land the manna ceased. Likewise, God’s blessings to us may change over the years but it is important to trust that God will always provide us with all that we need.