We remember those who have died recently including Joan Pritchard  and those whose anniversaries occur about this time especially Maria Lily Solomon, Peter Vanderheyden, Rita Chu, Padmini David

We pray for those who are sick including, Brian John Ramsdale,  David Lively, Clyde Dias, Michael Bakker  Philomena Molloy, Elizabeth Ware, David Gudgeon  and Lyn Hardidge



This weekend we welcome Jayden Italiano and his parents Benson & Caitlin “Receive the light of Christ.  Parents and Godparents this light is entrusted to you to keep burning brightly” (Rite of Baptism). Next Baptism Preparation is Sunday,  September 1st, at  2.45pm in the library.


to our presider today FR FRANCIS, who is helping us out while Fr Bernard is away and to our homilist CONFIDENCE MASVOSVA who is here with us today as a part of the vocations awareness week.  


Fr Bernard’s sick leave will continue for a bit longer into August. Father had a couple of important scans at Peter Mac Callum and will get the results of those scans this coming week. He hopes to be at the parish occasionally in the next few weeks. Fr Bernard is grateful for all the prayers, messages and good wishes over these many weeks. And amid all your prayer intentions, if you have the odd one for him still, he would be very grateful.


Vocations come from families, communities and parishes.  Strong families and communities are the places where vocations are first nurtured.  In this National Vocations Awareness Week, let us pray for all families in our parish, and for those preparing for marriage.  Let us also pray that our parish community may always be welcoming and encouraging of vocations to marriage, priesthood and consecrated life.


To celebrate the Assumption of Blessed Virgin Mary, we will have a morning 9:30 am Mass and an evening at 7:30 pm mass.


You are invited to Breakfast on Saturday, 17th August   here at the church                        8:00 until 9:00 (ish), enjoy a good feed, coffee  and good fellowship                     Rob Rolley, deployment manager, Samaritan’s Purse will be our speaker  Cost :$5:00    All proceeds going to  Samaritan’s purse  this month     r.s.v.p   Call or text 0417 537 872 by 15th August  1 Bentley crt Pakenham

 Who is going to the Diocesan Assembly?

There will be around 400 people participating in the Assembly. These include clergy, delegates from each parish, heads of Diocesan agencies, Diocesan councils, school principals, religious education leaders and others. There will be official observers from other Christian Churches.  Parish representatives will make up a significant proportion of the delegates at the Assembly.  Further details about the numbers of delegates from each parish, how to choose delegates and online booking details will be provided. The Assembly begins at 6.30 pm on Friday 13th September and concludes at 4.00 pm on Saturday 14th September. All delegates must be able to commit to attending the entire Assembly proceedings. Parishes will be provided with Assembly information packs.


The Ordination to the Diaconate for Jithin Anto, Confidence Masvosva and Paul Zaher will be celebrated at St Mary’s Cathedral At 11.00 am on Saturday 31st  August 2019. This is a day of great rejoicing for our Diocese and all parishioners are warmly invited to the Diocesan community to participate in the Ordination. Singers and musicians are required for the Diocesan Choir – could interested people please contact Sophy Morley at smorley@sale.catholic.org.au or text on 0413 590 007.

The parish will also provide a bus (depending on interest) for a gold coin donation leaving the church at 8:30 am returning approximately at 4:00 pm. Please contact parish office ASAP so we can make arrangements.   Numbers need to be finalized by the 18th.



We choose different ways to live in our lives: many live a married life, some a single life, or vocation life. Any vocation is good as long as we try to do the will of God and find happiness and fulfilment for our lives.

I am Fr. Hiep Nguyen. I come from Vietnam, the third of the five children in my family. I had a positive experience growing up in the Catholic Church. My parents and grandfathers used to take my three brothers, my sister and me to Sundays Mass each week at our local church.

A reflection on my life journey brought me back to my childhood when I innocently wanted to become a priest. It is simply priests were people who are virtues and holiness. I remember, when I was 11 years old, after teaching me some vocal prayers, my grandfather told me: “I have a few grandsons; it would be lovely if one of you could become a priest.” At that time, I had no intention to follow his wish. But, this was my first thought of priesthood arising in my mind.

In 2000, I graduated a bachelor degree in Education from a university and I got a teaching job at a state secondary school near home. I went to work during weekdays, but on Sundays, I used to involve with the teaching of catechism for young Catholics in my parish after Mass because in Vietnam we don’t have the Catholic schools. Many parishioners are involved with the priest in the sacramental program in which the young catholic are initiated into our Catholic community. My vocation was more discernment during this time.

I struggled with my decision at that time. I was not sure whether God called me in what particular vocation married life or priesthood life. I wondered whether I could be happy and fulfilled without a wife and family. The question was re-entering my mind: Is God calling me to become a priest? I began searching for my vocation to the priesthood by meeting a priest who guided me in the spiritual life. After some time speaking to my spiritual director and with the support of my family, I realized that God is calling me to become a priest. My ultimate joy and fulfilment is found in responding to this calling for my life.

In 2007, I met Fr. Michael McKenna in Vietnam. He is now the bishop of the diocese of Bathurst. He invited me to come to Australia to train for the priesthood, and he recommended me to the diocese of Sale.

In 2008, I came to Australia for a few months and joined with the diocese of Sale youth group, went to Sydney for World Youth Day and took a chance to inquire about the life of the church in Australia. I made a decision to become a priest for the diocese of Sale.

In February 2011, I entered the Corpus Christi College seminary in Carlton, Melbourne. I was ordination as a priest on 15th December 2018. I have been appointed an assistant priest of St Michael’s Parish in Berwick.

It was a long time of discernment for my priestly vocation. I think that my vocation is a gift and a calling from God, but it was an inspiration from my grandfather and it grew through the encouragement from my family and support from many people.


Next meal and companionship  is on August 18th      

Doors open 5:30 pm  for a 6:00 pm meal  Please feel welcome to come              and enjoy a 2 course hot meal if you are struggling in this cold weather or finding it hard to make  ends meet, or maybe just in need of some company. Our team leader for this week is Sue.  If you want to be added to the roster please email Sue at  aussiebobcathire@bigpond.com  or call 0409202903


The mother’s prayers gathered together to pray for our children  and these are some thoughts of how they felt:

“ A happy prayerful meeting”  

“ I feel a relief, I feel like Jesus is here to help me”,

“ I feel the meeting is helping me a lot because we share about our life and be happy. I need help”

A friendly, prayerful and supportive group where mothers are able to pray for their children. We meet next on Thursday 15th August at 10:00 am. All are welcome. If you are unable but would like the group to  prayer for your children, please leave your request in the mother’s prayers box in the foyer.



Will be on the 21st August 2019, at 7:30 pm in the welcome room.

 The RCIA Team –  the candidates and their sponsors meet over several months starting often around August. The gatherings are marked by sharing, listening, learning, teaching, answering questions etc. If you or someone you know of would like to join this journey, contact the parish office/ visit our website.


 The parish will       soon be preparing school-aged children and their siblings for Baptism. If you would like your child/ren to be involved in this program could you please contact the parish office 59417315



 Having catered for over 200 funerals in the past 12 years, now due to family commitments and “ageing” our co-ordinator and most volunteers are now retiring. We will need to hand this over to an outside service. It has been an honour and a pleasure to have provided this important link to our parish family and we thank all who have played a part in it. Further notice will be available from the parish office.



Will be celebrated at St. Michael’s on Aug 25 at 2.00pm. The principal celebrant, Apostolic Nuncio Dr. Adolfo Tito Yllana, will be joined by Bishop Patrick O’Regan and priests of the Sale Diocese. Mass will be followed by traditional foods and festivities. Please take a plate to share.



Sept 6th-8th September, Marist Sion College, 165 Burke St Warragul.

Speakers: Fr Francis Otobo PP Traralgon, CCR Chaplain and                                                                 Mrs Ann Brereton, Chairperson CCR Australia. All welcome.  Please see brochures for program details and registration.                                                                                          To help with catering, please contact Cathy McLure 0432588195 or Michael Power 0488680681

CHURCH CLEANING:                      

16/8 M Welliwatte   & R Dias  23/8  C McCowan & M Burhop


11/8 D Velten  &  K Symons  18/8 N  Boloski  &  L Roberts & C Smith


11/8  A & S Daniels   18/8  B Ekanayake




6:00 pm

St Clare’s

R Ginting V Ukkru

9:00 am

M O’Brien

M Dineen

G Thompson C McCowan N Ward

P Velten P Carlin

10.30 am

J Estrada

A Raos

M Hobbin  R Lappin C Mayer I Merrigan

R O’Brien






T Andrews

N Andrews

T & F O’Gorman P Pereria

M VanDiemen  J Parsons


D Rowlands

P Velten

P Maxfield G Prestt B Barker  S Leo

N Boloski


J Arul

A Arul

 Parma M Pauguy P Setu W Wong

P Swee Fan



19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Last week:  PG  $1615.60   Loose  $809.80  House  $748.70

This week:  PG  $1408.20   Loose  $909.45  House  $753.20

Heb 12:1 “Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight and the sin that clings so closely, and let us run with perseverance the race that is set before us”