17th. February 2019. 6th SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME

We remember those who have died recently and those whose anniversaries occur about this time including Ernie Rossetti, Patricia Lloyd, Gerard Verhaegh, George Charabie, Cecilia Carmody, John Fam,  Agnes Lim  

We pray for those who are sick including  David Lively, Clyde Dias,   Michael Bakker Philomena Molloy, Elizabeth Ware, David Gudgeon,  George Hilder, Lyn Hardidge , Crispen Masvosva


Next Baptism Preparation is Sunday  March  3rd at 2.45pm


Conversational English classes at Catholic Care will be held every Friday during the school term from 10am  to 12pm at 1 Rogers Street, Pakenham. Retired teachers  and experienced  volunteers are running the course. No fee.   Enquiries to 1800 522 076.


Enrolments for playgroup are now open. So if you are looking for a welcoming, supportive and child friendly environment where your little ones can play and socialise, come and see if playgroup is for you. We have sessions running Monday – Thursday, from 9.30-11.30 am.. For more info: Christine 0438364881


The Children’s  Friendship Group meets at 5 pm in the parish library. Dates are 23rd Feb, 9th March, and 23rd March. A new initiative of the Children’s Friendship Group will be a children’s choir. Please register your interest at the Parish office (or with Sumy: 5940 0005). We are looking for young and vibrant singers, keyboard players or any instrument players. More details to follow


Our next Prayer Group is on Friday March 1st  We begin with Rosary 7.10 and end with supper. All Welcome


The parish liturgy committee is organising a gathering of all our singers and musicians to enjoy some music and plan to strengthen this ministry in our parish. The date is Saturday Feb 23rd from 10.30am to Midday. Please bring instruments, music, ideas. New singers, players very welcome


Paddy’s Kitchen is an outreach of St Patrick’s Parish that provides a delicious dinner to families in need or to those who are finding life difficult at the moment. Next serving will be Sunday 17th February 2019, commencing at 5.30pm with dinner served at 6pm in the Parish Hall. All welcome


We invite you to get together to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on Friday 15th March 7.30-10.30pm. Irish music with an Irish band BYO Food and Drink, to share for supper. Tickets are $10 Ring Greg 59180189. Venue St Patrick’s hall Tables of 8 or come along as a family, or join another table  If you woyuld like tickets please see Ron after 6pm mass or Greg after 9 & 10.30 masses


Many parishioners have expressed a desire to see more girls and boys offering their services as altar servers in the parish. On Thursday 7th March there will be a training session for new servers at the church from 4:30-5:30pm.   Children who have completed their First Communion, or will be making their First Communion this year, and would like to serve at Mass, are most welcome to attend. Please add your name to the list in the foyer or email/call parish office if your child is interested to attend. 



Ash Wednesday is on March 6th this year, so beginning the season of Lent. We have a Lenten program called “Trust”, for group discussions/ reflections during Lent. Parishioners are invited to join with a small group of friends and or neighbours and or parishioners, in any convenient venue, home, the parish centre, the coffee shop etc, to take part in this worthwhile way of preparing for Easter. Groups of 4 or 5 or 6 are advised. If you are interested to participate in a Lenten reflection group please contact the parish office or staff so the resources can be provided. Groups would likely start meeting the week of Ash Wednesday, or the following one. Groups so far include:

Saturdays  5.15pm in the library. Contact Tresa Andrews, 0421 931 888.

Saturdays 9:30 am Men’s group in the library. Contact Herbie O’Flynn.

Wednesday 10:00 am in the parish centre. Contact Jerene ‘Siji’ Dominic


One of the biggest challenges I face in working with high school students is to never play favourites. It’s tough. I’m human. So naturally I like some students more than others. But I work hard to avoid giving certain students special rights or doing special favours for particular students.

God sees things differently. And Luke’s Gospel this week tells us who God’s favourites are: the people who are poor, who mourn, who face persecution for doing the right thing. Sure, God loves everyone equally, but the Scriptures show time and time again that God’s actions favour the powerless and people who suffer. We know that because God continually sends people – like Moses and Jesus – to help them.

 Blessed in this Gospel means “favoured”. Jesus tells his disciples that God is working to construct a world that favours the powerless. God’s Reign will change things so that the people on the bottom will have what they need. That’s bad news, he says, to people who abuse power, don’t share wealth, or cause others pain. 

 Jesus favoured people without power by hanging out with them, eating with them, and challenging customs that caused them to suffer. We need to take our cue from him by giving people who suffer the highest priority in our lives. We show God’s favour to those who are powerless by serving them, learning from them, and working for a just society. We show God’s favour to people who mourn by comforting them. By doing these things, we also show people who abuse power, horde power, or hurt others that it’s time to change.  Anon


(From CathNews) It is hard to think of a more encouraging action by any government during the past 20 years than the 2008 National Apology to Indigenous Australians who had been removed from their parents, writes Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ.

Much has been said about the apology by then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, on February 13, 2008. It is worth reflecting more generally on why apologies properly made are so gratifying, and what qualities they must have in order to be proper.

Apologies are encouraging because they embody a decency that we long for. We try to build it into the lives of our children, but often fear that it is being lost in society. Apologies affirm a shared sense of right and wrong by which we can judge our lives and which we are called to pass on to our descendants

When we are teaching children a right way to live, we want them to learn three magic words: ‘please, thank you, and sorry’. If they make these words central in their lives and mean them, they will treat everything in their lives as a gift not as an entitlement, and they will be well equipped to form and heal relationships. If their lives are lacking in the reality of the three words they will be lacking in humanity. Of the three words ‘sorry’ is the lubricant. It acknowledges the shared inevitability of failure to act well, and enables fresh beginnings.

Apologies, of course, come in a range of shapes, from children dragged in by the ear to say sorry with rebellious eyes, to light-fingered gangsters sprung by the Big Man. Some are made out of love, others out of fear.

When frequent Confession was a central feature in Catholic life the subtleties of apology were analysed in detail. The confession was understood to be made to God through the priest. Genuine regret — contrition — and a sincere resolution to cut out the behaviour confessed were required.

It is a measure of the widespread dismay with such a sorry-free world that Australians look back with such joy the apology to the stolen generations. Conversely, the public acceptance of an apology-free world also explains why many critics cynically dismiss the 2008 apology as merely symbolic, no more than a top-shelf confection from the PR factory.


A fundraising dinner will be on March 28th  to support the bursary fund for the education of Sale Diocese Seminarians.  The dinner will be at the Black Tie Function Centre, 90 Alfred St, Warragul, 6.30 for 7pm start.  The two course dinner will cost $60 and wine, beer and soft drinks will be available at bar prices.  The event is open to men and women who want to support this venture.  There will be a silent auction as an additional fundraiser. 

Tickets: https://portal.trybooking.com/au/event/470438


For the weeks of Lent, the parish gathers on Friday nights at 7:30 pm in the church to pray the Stations of the Cross. It would be handy to have a leader designated for each week. Please contact the parish staff.


Have you had your say yet about the present and future of the church?  With about 2 weeks left to complete our first stage of the “Listening and Dialogue” session, we encourage all of you to voice your opinion either directly at http://plenarycouncil.catholic.org.au/ or drop your views in the box in the church foyer.

We have, in the foyer, displayed all the responses we have received until now along with a summary of them. If you are able to form a group to run a session you are most welcome to do so.  Contact Siji @ 5941 7315 for further info:


Come, Holy Spirit of Pentecost.

Come, Holy Spirit of the great South Land.

O God, bless and unite all your people in Australia

and guide us on the pilgrim way of the Plenary Council.

Give us the grace to see your face in one another

and to recognise Jesus, our companion on the road.

Give us the courage to tell our stories and to speak boldly of your truth.

Give us ears to listen humbly to each other

and a discerning heart to hear what you are saying.

Lead your Church into a hope-filled future,

that we may live the joy of the Gospel.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord,

bread for the journey from age to age.


Our Lady Help of Christians, pray for us. St Mary MacKillop, pray for us.





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FINANCE MATTERS:  6th Sunday Ordinary Time

Last week   PG  $1623.00  Loose  $877.95  House  $806.65

This week   PG  $2034.55  Loose  $788.85  House  $752.10

“Blessed are you when people hate you,…exclude and insult you, and denounce your name…on account of the Son of Man.” (Luke 6:22)

All of us have been in situations when someone has made a negative comment or joke about God or our Catholic faith. How did you respond? Did you stay silent or pretend to go along with the crowd because you didn’t want to cause waves and then, later, you felt bad? Know that God is with you all the time, the Holy Spirit will put the right words in your mouth. Pray for the strength and courage to proclaim our faith to others, especially during uncomfortable situations.


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