Discussion Groups in Lent

Ash Wednesday is on March 6th this year, so beginning the season of Lent. We have a Lenten program called “Trust”, for group discussions/ reflections during Lent. Parishioners are invited to join with a small group of friends and or neighbours and or parishioners, in any convenient venue, home, the parish centre, the coffee shop etc, to take part in this worthwhile way of preparing for Easter. Groups of 4 or 5 or 6 are advised. If you are interested to participate in a Lenten reflection group please contact the parish office or staff so the resources can be provided. Groups would likely start meeting the week of Ash Wednesday, or the following one. Groups so far include:

Saturdays  5.15pm in the library. Contact Tresa Andrews, 0421 931 888.

Saturdays 9:30 am Men’s group in the library. Contact Herbie O’Flynn.

Wednesday 10:00 am in the parish centre. Contact Jerene ‘Siji’ Dominic