We remember those who have died recentlyincluding Richard Pereira and those whose anniversaries occur about this time

Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord, let your perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace. Amen
We pray for those who are sick including Maria Austin, Clyde Dias, Michael Bakker, Bob Grech, Ethel Luker, Philomena Molloy, Elizabeth Ware, David Gudgeon, George Hilder, Lyn Hardidge We pray for all who care for the sick and worry about them. May their works of service be richly blessed. (Names can only be placed on this list by the sick person or a family member)


Receive the light of Christ. Parents and Godparents this light is entrusted to you to keep burning brightly” (Rite of Baptism). Next Baptism Preparation is this Sunday January 6th 2019 , at 2.45pm


The parish is in need of a couple of people who might like to assist in the Baptism Preparation session, on the first Sunday of each month. The session goes for about one hour, from 2:45pm, and is often the first visit back to the parish by the young families for many years. The really important aspect of this day is to welcome these families when they come.


All parishioners are invited to the ordination to the priesthood of Rev Hiep Nguyen, by Bishop Patrick O’Regan, at St Mary’s Cathedral, 47 Foster Street, Sale, next Saturday, December 15th at 11:00am. Hiep’s first Mass of Thanksgiving will be at St Joseph’s, Warragul, at 9:00am on Sunday, December16th. He hopes to celebrate mass for us here at St Pats soon after his ordination.


It is Christmas time again and we are now preparing to do Christmas hampers for people in need in our community, our tree is now in the foyer with tags for toys for the children and food items for our hampers. Please take a tag and return your donation the following week. WE ASK THAT YOU DO NOT WRAP THE GIFTS PLEASE! Thank you for your ongoing support.


If you would like to be a Lector, offertory gift bearer, Eucharistic ministers , welcomer or an altar server for any of the Christmas or New year Masses, please put your name down in the signup sheet in the foyer.


The 6:00pm and the 8:00pm Christmas masses are looking for little kids to come dressed as shepherds and angels. We are also looking for adult helpers to get the kids organised. If you have any questions please contact parish office.


The “Family” Mass will be celebrated at 6pm on Christmas Eve. The choir will practice each Saturday, from 7pm to 9pm until December 22nd. All welcome! The Midnight Mass choir practice will be held in church every Wednesday at 7:30pm until December 19th. All parishioners are welcome. For the 9:30am Mass on Christmas Day the choir will be practicing, every Saturday from 4:30 to 5:30pm.
CHILDREN’S CHRISTMAS CHOIR PRACTICE. The Christmas Eve family Mass will be celebrated at 6pm on Christmas Eve. Practices for the choir will be held on Saturdays from 7pm to 9pm. Dates of practices are 17th Nov, 24th Nov, 1st Dec, 15th Dec and 22nd Dec. All welcome!


The group meets each Wednesday at 7:30pm in the Welcome Room at the parish centre. If you know anyone who might be interested to find out about the church, please consider bringing them along. There are explanation brochures in the foyer.


We have been contacted by someone who is wanting to buy a large print of “The Last Supper”. If anyone has one, surplus to their requirements, a name and address have been supplied. See Fr Bernard or Mary in the parish office.


The multi award-winning female vocal quartet The Velvetones will be performing in the Mary O’Brien Centre (the old Church) Sun Dec 9th, 2.30pm. Get into the Christmas spirit as we support the Need for Feed Draught Relief. This entertaining concert will be followed by a delicious afternoon tea in the Parish Centre. For tickets call Angela @0418357224 or at www.tickebo.com.au/thevelvetonesfundraiser


The Parish Pastoral Council invites everyone who volunteers in one way or another in our parish to come for a pre-Christmas ‘drink and nibble’ from 6:00pm on Friday, December 14th in the back yard of the presbytery.
All are welcome. Drinks supplied, but it would help greatly if you would bring a plate of finger food to share. Please add your name to the sheet in the foyer of the church, if you can come. We’ll look forward to saying ‘thanks’ and ‘happy Christmas’ in a social setting.

THE KINGDOM WITHIN (by Fr Noel Connolly SSC)

As we prepare for the Plenary Council 2020, we are being encouraged to speak boldly and to share what is in our hearts. One of my concerns is that I do not think it is easy to know what is deep in our hearts and it is even more difficult to express it adequately. Also speaking is an art, and it is learnt only with practice. People who have not been encouraged to speak up for decades, will probably speak clumsily, angrily or shallowly the first time around. It is only over time that we eventually learn what we most deeply want to say.
I was reminded of this a few Sundays ago when we read the story of Jesus curing the blind man as he entered Jericho [Luke 18: 35-43]. Jesus heard the blind man calling out and “ordered him to be brought to him; and when the man came near, he asked him, ‘What do you want me to do for you?’” It was obvious that the blind man wanted, he wanted to see. But, Jesus insists on asking, “What do you want me to do for you?” It was important to Jesus that the blind man articulate what he wanted. It is important to each of us that we be able to answer the same question.
I suspect most of us do not know what we really want. We know our immediate, shallow and superficial desires but most of the time we are too busy and distracted to recognise our deepest desires. As DH Lawrence said, “Man [sic] has little needs and deeper needs. We have fallen into the mistake of living from our little needs till we have almost lost our deeper needs in a sort of madness.”
John A Sanford begins his The Kingdom Within with another helpful image. As a boy, he spent a month each summer in an old farmhouse in New Hampshire. The family was not wealthy, so the house had no electricity or plumbing. Their water supply came from a well. The water from this well was unusually cold, pure and a joy to drink, and the well was remarkable because it never ran dry. Even in the most severe droughts, it yielded up its cool, clear water. Eventually, the family earned enough money to put in electricity and plumbing, and the old well was covered over. Several years later, driven by curiosity, he decided to open the well and was shocked to find that the well that survived the severest droughts was now bone dry. He eventually learnt, that a well is fed by hundreds of tiny rivulets that seep through gaps in the rocks but if water is not taken regularly from the well the rivulets slowly close up. The well was dry because no one had drawn water from it.
For Sanford, that was an image of the spiritual life. Our souls dry up if we do not draw from the kingdom within us. We become dry, barren and spiritually dead, “if we have covered over our souls and ceased to draw up into our consciousness what is contained in the inner depths”.
The Plenary Council 2020 process is a process of prayer, listening, sharing and discernment to know what God is asking of us in Australia today. It provides us with a process to search our hearts, to draw on the well within and to answer Jesus’ question. It won’t be automatic. Our first answers will probably be shallow, clumsy or angry. It will take time to discover what is most profound in our hearts.
That is why I would encourage people to share and send in their responses often. It is not something that can be done in one listening and dialogue session. What we are trying to develop is a habit of mind, heart and prayer.
Fr Noel Connolly SSC is a lecturer in Missiology at both the Broken Bay Institute and the Catholic Institute of Sydney. He is also a member of the Adult Formation Team with Catholic Mission Australia and has recently been appointed by the Australian Bishops to the Facilitation Team for the Plenary Council 2020.


December 11th, Tuesday, 7:30pm – Parish Reconciliation liturgy
December 16th, Sunday 7:00pm – Prayers and Carols at the Crib


Thank you to all our volunteers over the last 6 months who have made Paddy’s Kitchen such a great success. Our Christmas dinner was a wonderful example of parish outreach with each guest getting a present from ‘Santa”. We served 60 plus meals of glazed ham, roast chicken, and roast veggies with Christmas desserts. Thanks to those who made Christmas desserts or gave lollies, serviettes and Bon-Bons. Special thanks to one of our parishioners who made a personalised Christmas Card for each guest. The teachers and students at our Schools contributed as well, with St Patricks donating money and St Clare’s making lovely Christmas lights and placemats (which some guests took home). Special thanks to the John McGreal Foundation for providing funds to get us off the ground and to sustain us over the coming year. St. Mary MacKillop would say “Never see a need without doing something about it.” I am privileged to work with each and every one of you. I look forward to your enthusiasm and passion again in 2019. In gratitude . Jane.


If groups in the parish would take a small amount of time to write a few sentences of news from your group, for the bulletin, the compilers, and the readers of the bulletin, would be grateful. And thanks to those who return their bulletin to the desk in the foyer after Mass, if they are not taking it home. The church looks much tidier!!


This Sunday 9th Dec after the 9:00 mass there will be a short information session for volunteers regarding children’s liturgy, in the Parish Library. We will be talking about how the sessions are run and what is involved. We are in need of some volunteers to assist with sessions. You may wish to attend just to ask questions about children’s liturgy. If enough people are interested we may be able to recommence Children’s Liturgy at the 10:30 mass. Donna Velten


9/12 D Velten K Symons

16/12 N Boloski C Smith


12/12 C McCowan & M Burhop

21/12 G Dias


9/12 6pm M Burhop 9am A Jayawardena 10.30 J Pauguy
16/12 6pm K Symons 9am G Prestt 10.30 L. O’Flynn


9/12 M Domingo

16/12 A Raos

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