We remember those who have died at this time including Giovanni Mamoliti and those whose anniversaries occur about this time including Therese Kenny, Reginald Vandenberg & Thelma Fennell.

Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord, let your perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in Peace. Amen.
We pray for those who are sick including David Lively, Maria Austin, Clyde Dias, Michael Bakker, Bob Grech, Ethel Luker, Philomena Molloy, Elizabeth Ware, David Gudgeon, George Hilder, Lyn Hardidge We pray for all who care for the sick and worry about them. May their works of service be richly blessed.


This weekend we welcome Marcus Charlie Ruys and his parents, Kevin & Heidi Receive the light of Christ. Parents and Godparents this light is entrusted to you to keep burning brightly” (Rite of Baptism). Next Baptism Preparation is Sunday January 6th 2019 , at 2.45pm


The Plenary Council 2020 received more than 2000 submissions during November, matching the number of responses the landmark process had received in the previous five months combined.
According to the latest figures from the National Centre for Pastoral Research, more than 31,000 people have shared their stories and engaged with the Plenary Council since the Listening and Dialogue stage launched at Pentecost in late May. Most of the 1300 groups, some of several hundred people, to have responded took part in a Listening and Dialogue Encounter, which is grounded in prayer and contemplation.
“While the sheer number of people demonstrating their interest in the future of the Catholic Church is impressive, we’re really pleased to see new groups of people participating as we prepare for the final three months of Listening and Dialogue,” said Lana Turvey-Collins, the Plenary Council facilitator.
Trudy Dantis, director of the National Centre for Pastoral Research, said a team of skilled researchers is working hard to keep up with the influx of submissions, which will provide the foundations for shaping the agenda for the Plenary Council sessions in 2020 and 2021.
“A Plenary Council is much more than just a survey or a research project,” Dr Dantis said. “Our scientific rigour will be accompanied by ongoing spiritual discernment to ensure that the integrity of the information provided to the Council accurately reflects the voices of the people who have contributed to the process.”
Ms Turvey-Collins said while the Listening and Dialogue process will officially come to a close on Ash Wednesday (March 6), the fruits of this period of engagement are likely to last much longer.
“The practice of dialogue will continue during the next phase – Dialogue and Discernment – in the second half of 2019, when the themes that emerge from this first stage are discussed, contemplated on and prayed about. All
people are called to this next stage of discernment.


6TH Jan 6pm M Vandiemen 9am A Estrada 10.30 H O’Flynn
13th Jan 6pm K Symons 9am A Jayawardena 10.30 I Merrigan


11/1 Winnie Damian & M Sashanami
18/1 Menaka Mendis Family


6/1 R Pereira

13/1 Henry Pereira

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